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Subject: Production and sale of potassium sulfate by Bahrami
The Bahrami Machine Manufacturing Group informs you that it will be ready to produce and sell best quality and global analysis of potassium sulfate.
We are proud to announce that this product is entirely Iranian in the production line of this company and is produced by the competent experts of this company, and 0 to 100 of this is a native line, which is a great step for a resilient economy without the need to supply this product from the countries Another is to prevent foreign currency from leaving our beloved Iran
Our group, while paying attention to the quality and service of the premium for customers and the ability to meet the domestic market needs long-term planning to compete with foreign products and presence in global markets, which is competing with its global analyzes to certify this claim.
If you would like more information and ordering, you can contact our company phone or email. 02334533938 09124321770
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A future that we all hope is better than the past
In the New Year, I wish you 365 days of health, happiness, victory, affection, love and love
Bahrami brand new year congratulates all your entourage.

Notable manufacturers and craftsmen
In order to serve the domestic production of our country and not to depend on foreign countries and to improve the quality of potassium sulfate with global analysis (chlorine: below 1%, potash: 51%, sulfur: 18%), as well as much less costs than imported production line And non-indigenous
The Bahrami Engineering Engineers Group has designed and developed a production line for potassium sulfate production, with the best quality and analysis, and much less costly than the imported non-native line of production.
We are proud to be in the service of manufacturers and craftsmen.
Meanwhile, the team is researching to improve quality by less than 0.5% chlorine and potassium is above 52%, and doubling the production of each line, which we hope to achieve this.

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